How does it work?

1 - Search your next vehicle

Search for your next vehicle using the most well-know european websites.
If you prefer, simply send us the characteristics of the car/motorcycle that you are looking for, and we do the sourcing for you.
If you don´t have an idea of what you need, let us know a little bit about your mobility needs, likes, budget and we will first help you decide what to buy.


2 - Selection, Contact seller

When you locate the vehicle you want, send us all the characteristics, such as make, model, version, price, kms, and, also important, the zip/postal-code from the seller. If you prefer simply send us the webpage link/url of the ad. Our local team can get in touch with the seller, to check for availability, request a vehicle report, or other due dilligence, necessary when you buy a vehicle, cross-borders or not. All this information will be comunicated to you, so you can decide if you are going to buy that car or not.


3 - Purchase, transport, legalization

Consultancy and services to support you with the vehicle purchase, transport and legalization. We can provide a hands-on service if you prefer or if you don´t have time.