Total costs after import (ready to drive) is usually the sum of the vehicle price + import/admission expenses + taxes.

Vehicle cost: is usually know, but its always advisable to check if tax(es) are included or not, if there is a fee for not requesting credit, or any similar issues that make this question not so simple.

Import expenses: any assistance you require from a 3rd party, the costs of the legalization process, transport, or others related to your case.

Taxes: Some of the important variables to calculate the "import tax" are:

Case 1: Legalization/Import costs for a vehicle you already own:

Country of present registration
Month/year of first registration
Engine capacity (cm3)
Co2 (grams per km)
Type of fuel
Make, Model, Version
Actual Milleage/Km
For non-regular passenger cars:
Nr. of seats

Case 2: Purchase support for a vehicle you want to buy:

Please provide the link to the seller ad
Zip-code where you want the vehicle to be delivered
When are you moving

You can contact us if you need further assistance.